• Rep. Harrington Wins Endorsement from Taxpayers’ Group

    Representative Harrington was honored to receive the endorsement of Citizens for Limited Taxation for the 3rd election cycle in a row, for her voting record protecting taxpayers and the Massachusetts economy.

    Full text of endorsement letter:


    Rep. Sheila C. Harrington has won the endorsement of CLT’s 2 ½ Political Action Committee in her re-election bid for State Representative from the 1st Middlesex District.

    CLT’S 2 ½ PAC, the political arm of Citizens for Limited Taxation, was originally created to support candidates who would defend Proposition 2 ½ in the State Legislature. It now endorses candidates who support taxpayers on a variety of issues, and uses the CLT Legislative rating to identify pro-taxpayer legislators.

    Francis J. Faulkner, executive director of the PAC, said the group endorsed Rep. Harrington based on her strong consistent support for tax limitation. This support was reflected in her impressive 96% on CLT’s most recent taxpayer rating. “We need to keep people like Sheila Harrington in the State Legislature to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes.”

    In serving the best interests of the taxpayers and the economy, we urge the voters of the 1st Middlesex District to re-elect Rep. Sheila C. Harrington on November 4th.

    CLT’S 2 ½ PAC
    500 Mendon Rd., Unit 125
    Attleboro, MA 02703