• State Rep. Harrington Sails to Third Term

    Excerpted from The Lowell Sun, November 4, 2014

    State Rep. Harrington sails to third term in 1st Middlesex District

    Incumbent state Rep. Sheila Harrington will return for a third, two-year term, winning handily over her Democratic rival Tuesday for the 1st Middlesex District.

    With unofficial results from four towns giving Harrington a 8,533 to 4,711 lead, Gene Rauhala, a Townsend Democrat, called his opponent less than an hour and a half after the polls closed to congratulate her.

    A jubilant Harrington, celebrating with over 60 supporters at Mariano’s in Pepperell, seemed amazed at the number of voters in the district.

    “They all got out,” she said.

    “I appreciate peoples’ votes and their confidence in me,” she said.

    She is prepared to keep on working hard for her constituency.

    “I have miles to go before I sleep,” she said, “I appreciate the opportunity.”

    A subdued group of Rauhala supporters stood by the candidate at the Townsend House restaurant.

    “It was an overwhelming loss for the whole team,” Rauhala said. “What can I say, she whooped me good.”

    Harrington’s primary goals as an advocate for the region have been to retain and grow local businesses and to secure more local aid.

    She proposed An Act Relative to the Best Interests of Children, intended to change the way child-protection cases are handled. She proposed making it easier for people to access mental-health services.

    She has helped with efforts to mitigate the potential impacts of the proposed Kinder Morgan natural-gas pipeline, a hot-button issue in towns across Massachusetts.

    As the evening went on, Harrington celebrated her victory with a champagne toast.

    She promised good news on the pipeline soon.

  • Grotonfest

    More than 150 business, non-profit and artisan booths and all kinds of amazing food and much more will be on the schedule. FREE, handicap accessible.

    Sheila will be there speaking with voters and handing out bumper stickers and buttons.


    Sheila HeadshotGroton, Massachusetts (February 14, 2014) – State Representative Sheila Harrington of Groton announced today that she will be running for re-election to represent the First Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

    “Since I was first elected in 2010, it has been an honor to represent the people of the First Middlesex District. My top priority has been, and will continue to be, the economy,” said Harrington. “In the past several months, the state unemployment rate has risen sharply, and for the first time since the recession, it is worse than the national rate. Now, more then ever, I’m hearing from voters who are demanding a strong, fiscally conservative leader in the State House who can help craft smart legislation that will jumpstart our economy. I have demonstrated through my legislative record that I am that leader.”

    Since her re-election in 2012, Representative Harrington has continued to be a strong, sensible voice for the District on economic issues. She fought to end the rampant abuse of the welfare system by supporting tough, but fair reforms to the EBT card system that will save millions in taxpayer funds from going to fraudulent and undeserving individuals.

    She is the Ranking Republican on the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee, and has been involved in uncovering waste, fraud, and egregious error at the Hinton State Lab, Department of Transitional Assistance, Department for Children and Families, the Department of Public Health, and our State Court System. She continues to fight against government waste by working to repeal the “union-only” Pacheco Law that tacks on millions to the cost of public infrastructure projects every year. She has been instrumental in bringing about reform in each of these errors.

    She is also the Raking Republican on the Joint Committee on Judiciary, and works tirelessly to bring a greater access to justice to the region, as well as supporting appropriate legislation to improve our justice system.

    Both in the District and on Beacon Hill, she is a strong supporter of veterans and their organizations, as a member of the Veterans and Federal Affairs Committee. She was chosen to participate in the Joint Conference Committee currently working to enact the Valor Act II. She also co-founded Operation Patriot Pride, which has enabled her to help veterans and active military families in many ways.

    Last summer, during the battle over the Governor’s massive budget, Representative Harrington was the only legislator in the region to vote against massive tax hikes that would have cost Massachusetts families thousands of dollars per year and inhibited growth in technology and employment. Recently, she led the charge among business owners in the Nashoba Valley region to repeal the “Tech Tax” that would have cost software and technology companies in the state millions in lost profit.

    “The voters of the First Middlesex District have sent me to the State House twice to be their voice for limited government, lower taxes, and common-sense reform, and I hope they’ll see me as deserving of a third term.”

    Representative Harrington will formally kick off her re-election campaign with a Saint Patrick’s Day event in Pepperell on March 17, 2014. The First Middlesex District encompasses parts of Ayer and Devens, and all of Ashby, Dunstable, Groton, Pepperell, and Townsend.