Sheila’s Position

Sheila believes that the Massachusetts state government is not working for the taxpayers nearly as well as it should be. As the highest Ranking Republican on the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight, Sheila has made it her mission to root out corruption, waste, and incompetence. Sheila has been part of a series of successful efforts to reform several government agencies, and continues to fight to correct mismanagement and fraud.

Legislative Record

  • Co-sponsored common sense reforms to the EBT system and other benefit programs to reduce welfare fraud and waste. 1 2 3
  • Co-sponsored legislation to repeal the “union-only” Pacheco Law that shuts out private businesses from government contracts and tacks on millions to the cost of public infrastructure projects every year. 1
  • Fought for judicial reform by sponsoring the Alimony Reform Act to modernize and make more fair the state’s antiquated alimony laws. 1 2
  • Fought for reform of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) by authorizing and sponsoring the Best Interest of the Child bill after helping to uncover a slew of grossly mismanaged cases at the DCF. 1 2


Sheila listening to testimony at the hearing for her Department of Children and Families reform bill.