Sheila’s Position

Massachusetts is not in good fiscal shape. The state is over $129,000,000,000 in debt when you include unfunded pension, healthcare, and other liabilities. Sheila believes it is up to the legislature to get state spending under control through reforming expensive and wasteful state programs, and limiting new spending until the public debt is significantly lowered.

Legislative Record

  • Co-sponsored a bill to restrict the raiding of the state “Rainy Day Fund” by requiring a two-thirds vote in the Legislature to access the fund.1
  • Supported the effort to reduce the amount paid by employers to Unemployment Insurance, keeping $700 million in the pockets of the taxpayers, and out of government coffers.1
  • Voted for a budget amendment requiring a two-thirds vote in the Legislature to raise taxes on individuals and businesses.1
  • Voted for a budget amendment reduce taxes and spending by rolling back the sales and income tax to 5%.1
  • Voted against the FY2014 House budget because it would have led to more spending, more debt, and more taxation.