Sheila’s Position

Sheila believes that in order to thrive, Massachusetts needs to become a more economically competitive state. We must lower taxes for small business, reduce regulatory burden, and provide incentives for companies to do business here. The only way to ensure businesses create jobs here is to make Massachusetts an entrepreneurial incubator with a pro-business environment.

Legislative Record

  • Only elected official in the region to vote against Governor Patrick’s massive tax hikes in the 2013 Transportation Bill. 1 2
  • Voted to repeal the “Tech Tax” that was harming the state’s thriving software and technology sectors.1
  • Co-sponsored bill decreasing the regulatory burden on small businesses.1
  • Co-sponsored bill providing incentives for small businesses to hire new employees to stimulate job growth.1
  • Supported full funding of the Film Tax Credit, ensuring that the state continues to benefit from the revenue and jobs created by our booming film and entertainment industries.1

Sheila during a tour of Hollingsworth & Vose, one of the largest employers in the First Middlesex District.