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Sheila believes that in order to thrive, Massachusetts needs to become a more economically competitive state. We must lower taxes for small business, reduce regulatory burden, and provide incentives for companies to do business here. The only way to ensure businesses create jobs here is to make Massachusetts an entrepreneurial incubator with a pro-business environment.


Fiscal Responsibility

Massachusetts is not in good fiscal shape. The state is over $129,000,000,000 in debt when you include unfunded pension, healthcare, and other liabilities. Sheila believes it is up to the legislature to get state spending under control through reforming expensive and wasteful state programs, and limiting new spending until the public debt is significantly lowered.


Government Reform

Sheila believes that the Massachusetts state government is not working for the taxpayers nearly as well as it should be. As the highest Ranking Republican on the House Committee on Post Audit and Oversight, Sheila has made it her mission to root out corruption, waste, and incompetence. Sheila has been part of a series of successful efforts to reform several government agencies, and continues to fight to correct mismanagement and fraud.


Local Aid

Sheila has been a vocal advocate for increased local aid, and fights every year for the First Middlesex District to get the funds they need for high-quality schools, safe roads, and other services.